Increase Case Acceptance. On Your Terms

The Dental CreditPlans (DCP) payment plan module was created to simplify and advance what many dental practices already do, offer payment plans to patients who cannot cover the complete treatment cost through credit, cash-on-hand or insurance. Many practices struggle to do this manually, holding checks and credit cards and all are looking for ways to limit risk while not having the patient walk out the door or opt for partial treatment. DCP provides the industry’s most advanced software solution, built on best practices, and proven flexibility. And, most importantly, delivers industry-leading results. DCP automates the process, enables practices to build their brand, attract and retain patients, while maximizing the ability to collect their fees.

Dental tools

Our exclusive Get Offers system ensures that from day one, payment plans offered meet the risk criteria set by the practice. This exclusive feature along with extensive missed payment tools enables you to create plans you are comfortable with and are confident will perform with tools to help keep the patient on track.

  • Follow best practices
  • Automation for ease of use by staff
  • Payment worthiness identification
  • Flexibility and control
  • Automated risk–based decisioning
  • Fees to offset risk
  • Patient communications

How It Works

In-House Payment Plans Software
step1 Setup - Our exclusive "Get Offers" templates make it quick and easy to set, by procedure type, the down payment required, terms, interest rate and credit rating all by patient risk rating. You have complete control and can adjust the configuration as you get comfortable with your program. This allows you to define and ensure only those programs you approved show up during the patient application process. Plus the DCP team is with you at every step to make adjustments as needed.

step2 Application Process - Enrolling a patient is easy, the application is all on one screen, enter the procedure amount and down payment, then select Get Offers and all plans that are available for that patient will appear based on their risk category. All forms you need are included. Once the patient signs, take the down payment and the system goes into action.

step3 Management - Leading cloud-based technology automates monthly billing and payments, depositing them into your account. Reports, expiring credit card alerts and extensive missed payment tools make continued management of your plan portfolio easy. Take the risk out of payment plans and grow your practice.
During the set up process, we work with you to determine what offers (interest rate, credit risk, term, etc.) you are willing to make to patients, then we define the rules in the system so that only an administrator can override your defaults. Our simplified step-by-step process lets you sign up and approve in-house payment plans for patients within minutes using one simple screen
The DCP In-House Payment Plan solution includes all necessary payment plan agreements.
DCP In-House Payment Plans are specifically optimized to minimize workload. Once approved, the system takes over handling every aspect of the payment plan providing significant automation to ensure fast and easy program management. DCP automates monthly billing and payment collection along with various reports allowing you to easily monitor your payment plans and their progress.
DCP automates communication with the patient to help maximize repayment and minimize workload on practice staff. Communications include new plan welcome email, payment reminders, missed payment notification and more. DCP also provides a branded, cloud-based patient portal allowing the patient to check account status, review statements and payments, update personal information and make payments. Providing self-service tools and solutions for patients is a key part of saving valuable time for you and your staff.
DCP is a cloud-based SaaS platform, so there is no new software or hardware to purchase. Developed using the most robust security features and technology available, DCP is accessible from any browser and offers the industry’s highest quality rating. Our core technology is the same one used by leading companies and industries worldwide to process more than 50 billion recurring transactions annually. Our sister companies manage hundreds of thousand payment plans across multiple industries with an industry leading success rate.
If you are a multi-location practice, DCP can enable very robust multi-location features including location level control over origination rules, documentation, portal branding, override thresholds, commissions and performance pay and much more.  Additionally, enterprise level reporting and control are available to manage activity across all locations, with the ability to drill to each location’s details.
Benefits and Features
DCP - Dental Tools

Take Control of Patient Financing

  • One integrated platform
  • Flexible, use as an integrated solution with membership or stand alone to grow business and recurring revenue
  • Integrated instant credit/banking/fraud check to help minimize risk
  • Rules based origination to make sure that your risk tolerance is managed
  • Fast approvals:
    • Enter plan amount and get available offers
    • Enter basic patient information and payment method
    • Complete the plan

Increase Profits and Wealth

  • Save 3rd party financing fees
  • Charge fees with the payment plans to offset risk
  • Increase case acceptance for both patients approved by 3rd party financing (with gaps) or patients that were rejected
  • Using a Doing-Business-As (DBA), helps a practice run the program while separating financial conversations from practice conversations.

Recurring Revenue Stream

  • Easy, monthly auto debits, with patient specified optimal debit date
  • Advanced missed payment management to get patients back on track if they miss a payment
  • Various A/R reports including cash flow forecast

Stay Legal and Compliant

  • Built-in, legally compliant, customizable agreements
  • Secure management of all confidential information
  • PCI compliant

Minimize Impact on Staff

  • Automatic recurring billing, with ability to customize day of month billing per patient
  • Direct debit from patient’s account
  • Automatic notification to patient on missed payments
  • Auto re-attempt to rectify missed payments
  • Email notifications
    • Prior to upcoming debits
    • After missed payments
  • Missed payment management tool for ease-of-use and flexibility in getting patients back on track
  • Advanced reporting to reconcile billing and payments
  • Various tools for managing adjustments to the payment plan
  • Patient portal allows patients to self-serve and answer most, if not all of their questions
  • Training on backend administration
Frequently Asked Questions
Full suite of patient financial services

Many dentists use in-house payment plans as a part of their overall strategy for getting patients the care they need. In-house payment plans allow the practice to take a second look after third party denials, or address gaps in available credit from third party financing. Many are finding that the increase in case acceptance, savings in 3rd party financing fees and additional interest charged on the note can make a significant difference in the financial performance of their practice.

Yes, you are in control of everything when you set up the in-house payment plan. In the up front set up process, we work with you to determine your acceptable level of risk and then build the rules into the system. From there, for a particular patient, your staff only sees what offers are available for a given patient. The system supports an “admin” level override for special circumstances.
We understand that you are busier than ever before. That is why we designed our in-house payment management software with an emphasis on ease-of-use and automation. Generally, all you need to do is process new patient applications, which can be done within minutes using just one online form housed on a single screen. The system handles the rest for you – from billing and tracking to payment collection and deposits to your account.
In DCP, you set up monthly automatic debits by simply obtaining the patient’s payment information during the application process and selecting the optimal day of the month on which to debit the patient’s account
An email is automatically sent to patients three days before their payment is scheduled for processing notifying that there is a statement available on the patient portal.
Payments collected from your patients are automatically deposited into your account, as funds are available. If using ACH, funds are deposited weekly as they are cleared.
You are in control. DCP includes the flexibility and tools to meet the unique needs of your practice. Various tools are provided to deal with virtually all cases where flexibility is required to work with the patient to keep them on track. DCP manages the behind the scenes work to insure that fees and principal balance are properly calculated, based on the tool used. This is very important for a practice to ensure that legal compliance is met.
The software automatically retries failed payments, which clears up many problems. If payment is still in default following the retry process, the issue is placed on our Payment Issues List. Our call center begins the process and reaches out to get your patient on track. If after several attempts we are not successful you have all the information to further work with your patient or make another financial decision.
Dental CreditPlans is a leading cloud-based SaaS solution, allowing easy and secure access from any computer with an internet connection using any standard browser. There is no software to download and no equipment to purchase.
Dental CreditPlans provides a robust platform for getting the right offer to the right patient. You can control fees and repayment terms, by risk category, patient risk profile, plan amount and state. During your initial system training, we review this process with you and configure the rules to meet your needs.
If credit is denied, Dental CreditPlans provides you with a written Denial of Credit letter that is compliant with the Equal Credit Opportunity Act. In turn, you provide that letter to the applicant to explain the reason(s) their application was denied and what their rights are under these circumstances. Any questions are answered by DCP, making it easy for your staff.
Yes, absolutely. Your patient and business data is always secure. At Dental CreditPlans our top priority is keeping your data secure and protected. Our data center is certified for the highest level of security and all data is encrypted using the latest security technology.
Dental CreditPlans (DCP) is a division of, a privately held corporation based in Irvine, California. Our proven financial services platform is based on more than 25 years of billing and payment software expertise for the most demanding applications.