Dental Membership Plans: Lead Generation with a Call To Action

Take more control, lower your dental lead generation costs while attracting more patients. Build your brand by offering compelling plans that your patients want, supported by customizable marketing and lead generation tools and control of the financial terms to make your practice succeed.

DCP dental membership plans are instrumental for today’s leading practices. They revolutionize how you: attract and retain patients, provide convenient basic care for cash paying patients, and lower patient acquisition costs.  Americans love membership plans. Find out how DCP can help you harness the power of dental membership plans to grow your practice.

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Dental Membership Plan The right tool to grow your practice

DCP makes capturing the benefits of dental membership plans for your patients and practice easy. We are with you at every step.  Let us show you how to use a customizable marketing storefront in conjunction with your membership solution to enhance lead generation to attract new patients, reconnect with inactive patients and build long-term relationships.

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step1 We get you set up fast and easy. You can use our sample plans or edit or design your own (we show you how). We work with you every step of the way to get ready to sign up new patients.

step2 Enrolling patients is fast and easy. We provide you with best practices and discuss proven techniques that have been successful with our clients.

step3 Our software manages the end-to-end lifecycle including new member sign up, billing and payment collection, reporting, patient portal, missed payment management and more. Our team brings years of expertise around the whole process. The easy-to-use tools make managing all aspects of your membership program simple.

Our proven experience working with industry leaders, dentists and practice managers empowers us to deliver the leading and most comprehensive membership plan solution available. But we don’t stop there. We understand the industry. We know the issues and challenges dentists and patients face day-in and day-out. So if you’re looking to move your practice forward, find out about the DCP dental membership plan solution.

The Following are Some Key Areas You Should Consider in Selecting a Dental Membership
Plan Solution

You have complete control.  Select from existing, modify or create entirely new plans.  And, your DCP solution team is here to answer any questions or provide guidance from our years of experience.
Our history goes back over 25 years as experts in financial services software focused on recurring payment and billing solutions. DCP serves single offices just starting membership programs as well as practices with thousands of active plans.  Wherever you fit, you can be confident knowing that our platform supports hundreds of practices just like yours.
It is important that you retain ownership of the plan details and the patient relationship. Offering your own membership plans is about building your business and enhancing customer loyalty, not about building a third party’s brand or allowing them to control your patient relationships. By retaining the ownership, you have full access to the data and associated information to ensure you can always resolve any patient issues directly. We view ourselves as a trusted partner and resource.
When looking at a membership plan solution, make sure enrollment is streamlined to improve the patient experience and reduce staff workload.  How easy is it to select a plan or to add options to personalize a plan to meet a patient’s requirements? Can the patient add secondary plans for family members or special needs?
DCP is designed to make management of your membership programs easy and flexible.
DCP provides access to our marketing storefront that provides professionally designed marketing templates for brochures, direct mail postcards and more. You can get a radius list mailing to homes around your practice, personalize the marketing piece you desire and order. It will be printed and mailed within 2 days of completion. You will find communication templates designed to attract new patients, or upload your inactive client list and choose a postcard to reconnect with past patients. Support is there if you needed it. It’s fast and easy.
Most membership solutions offer recurring payments, but is that enough? To successfully manage a 100 plus portfolio of membership plans, along with recurring payments, “billing” functionality is essential.  This functionality includes monthly statement generation, accounts receivable management, flexible options around adjusting payment dates, payment reminders, missed payment notifications, patient portal, reporting and much more. Other things to consider are reconciliation of received payments – are funds deposited daily, weekly, monthly? How will you reconcile those payments with deposits into your bank accounts? DCP makes all of this very easy.
This is another key area to review in-depth. Managing and tracking a few plans may seem simple, but as your program grows to hundreds and even thousands of plans, you need the automated support that only the DCP solution can offer. We deliver proven scalability and key features such as sophisticated payment issues workflow, auto renewal rules at the plan, patient and service level, the ability to track all plans individually by patient and/or household, making it easy for your staff to obtain the information they need. Our Snapshot capability allows you change your individual plan offering at any time without affecting existing plans until their scheduled renewal date. If you happen to be a multi-location group, then multi-location capabilities on top of all of this are critical.
The last thing you want to do is add more workload to your team, having them answer questions patients could easily answer themselves. Our solution provides adjustable billing dates, various email reminders, statement generation, payment history tracking, and most importantly, a practice branded patient portal. In the patient portal, your patients can find information on items such as account balance, statements and payments, usage-to-date and services remaining, make a payment as needed and to update personal information.
Many solutions offer some marketing support, but often the materials are built to promote their brand and product name. With DCP, all materials are designed to promote your brand and membership plans and are easily customized with your logo and plan name, not ours. Our marketing center allows members to choose from existing plan marketing or customize it to match the plans they have created.

At the enterprise level, needs become more specific and custom.  Call us and we can walk you through how we support multi-location entities.

Benefits and Features
Dental plans for the entire family
  • A complete suite of patient financing options to optimize your ability to provide the dental care and procedures your patients need
  • Practice specific, customizable plans through optional services and secondary plans, allow you to offer the services patients need – on your terms
  • A practice-branded, patient self-service portal to enable patients to answer commonly asked questions
  • Select from existing plans or customize and build your own
  • Determine what savings, if any, make sense for your practice and patients
  • Track retail price, actual cost, discounted price and performance pay price
  • Allows the practice to create payment terms that make sense for the given plan and collect money faster if necessary
  • Includes template Membership Agreement documenting the specifics of services to be provided–avoiding confusion
  • Plans are defined and owned by the practice not by a third party. All patient traffic can be driven through the practice’s website, firmly establishing loyalty to the practice – not a third party
  • Plans can be customizable to the individual patient and priced to best fit their needs
  • Communications with patient
    • Proactive emails about upcoming payments, renewals, expiring credit cards and more
    • Patient portal that allows patients to get what they need without having to call the practice
    • The marketing storefront with templates for patient communications for attracting new patients and re-engaging with inactive patients
  • Usage emails to ensure patients stay informed of available services, avoiding a late rush to use the remainder at the end of the year
  • Ability to have family accounts with individual plans for each family member
  • Integrated with in-house financing to help the patient if an unexpected condition occurs
  • Easy, monthly auto debits, with patient specified optimal debit date
  • Auto-renewal to keep patients on plans
  • Advanced missed payment management to get patients back on track

Bundle various products and services as included services or optional services on your plans, such as:

  • Additional annual teeth cleaning
  • Perio teeth cleaning visits
  • Teeth whitening trays and solutions
  • Anti-grinding sleep devices
  • TMJ devices, and much More
  • Avoid commodity pricing with competing membership plans through patient specific, customizable plans using optional services and secondary plans
  • “Team” commissions tracking to encourage membership conversations between staff and patients. Can be tied to a specific time period – e.g. 3 months, 6 months
  • Key support from DCP for back-office administration
  • Define performance pay participants including team commissions and doctor pay
  • Three commission categories
    • Enrolling party
    • Monthly participation
    • Services performed
    • Or any combination of the above
  • A detailed activity report is available that separates activity into the three commission categories by employee or team
  • Access to professionally designed marketing materials in print-ready files and editable PDFs including:
    • Exam room posters
    • Membership plan literature
    • Counter signs
    • Postcard and email templates
    • Website banner ads
  • Online training videos for easy access
  • Automate recurring billing and payments
  • Automatic notification to patient on missed payments
  • Auto re-attempt to rectify missed payments
  • Many tools to help patients with missed payments get back on track
  • Credit card expiration reports
  • Advanced auto renewal options
  • Advanced reporting to reconcile billing and payments
  • PMS code cross-referencing
  • Calculation of suggested cancellation amount in seconds, allowing the staff to address the cancellation in minutes
  • Patient portal allows patients to self-serve and answer most, if not all, of their questions
  • Training on new patient enrollment
  • Training on backend administration – quick and easy
frequently asked questions

The DCP financial services platform simplifies and streamlines the creation, implementation and management of dental membership plans. You have the option: select an existing plan from our library, customize, or create a unique plan of your own. The program takes you systematically through the process. You can select to use just the dental membership module or at anytime utilize our full suite of dental financing programs and tools.

Yes, you are in complete control when you set up your membership plans. You can also offer optional services to personalize each plan to the specific patient. You decide what services or products are eligible and included in the plan, the down payment required and the monthly membership costs.
While paid in full plans certainly make things easier for the practice, significant industry research has shown that monthly plans can easily quadruple the number of members that will sign up. Along with new sign ups, renewal rates are much higher for members paying monthly versus having to have a big payment come out of pocket each year. And, if they have a family on the plans, the annual number gets unwieldy and frequently, people will not renew. The downside of monthly plans is dealing with monthly payments, missed payments, etc. This is exactly what DCP was built for – to make that very easy for the practice to administer along with keeping missed payment rates to industry lows.
We understand you’re busy. That is why we designed the Dental CreditPlans solution with an emphasis on ease-of-use and automation. Generally, all you need to do is process new applications, which is done within minutes in a single screen. A patient can also complete the application online through a branded portal that we manage for you. The system handles the rest from there.
Our membership plans include Snapshot – a feature that allows you to change the offering for new plans signed, while honoring all your existing plans per their agreement. Each plan is monitored individually and will complete its term per the agreement and then auto renew to the new updated plan.
They most common cancelation clause requires the patient to pay the difference between retail value of services provided and what payments have been collected. The DCP solution calculates all of this for you, allowing you to quickly obtain a balance due for the products and services already provided, as well as a remaining balance for unused services.
You can always add options to an existing plan, or create secondary plans for special procedures and needs.
The practice. DCP’s purpose is to build your practice and customer relationships through the most comprehensive patient financial services offering. The brand and customer relationship always remains with you.
An email is automatically sent to each patient three days before their payment is scheduled to remind them of the debit to their account and their ability to log into the Patient portal to see there statement.
Payments collected from your patients are automatically deposited to your bank account as the debits occur*. For ACH, deposits are made once a week for the transactions that have cleared.
Dental CreditPlans automatically notifies the practice and the member about the missed payment and then begins reattempts for the next week, which clears up many problems. If the re-attempts fail, you can work through the Payment Issues list workflow to track and manage the process of getting the member back on track.
If we determine that the patient will not voluntarily make the payments due, DCP support staff will mark the account as “suspended”. Subsequently, you are notified and able to review online the list of suspended accounts allowing you to stop future care and alert staff if a patient comes to the practice. You are in control of the process.
We are a leading cloud-based SaaS solution, allowing you to easily and securely access it from any computer with an internet connection using any standard browser. There is no software to download and no equipment to purchase. It is also easy to access from a tablet.
Yes, our marketing center offers a complete selection of templates to help you professionally market your membership plans. Templates are available for brochures, data sheets, counter signs, posters and more. We offer a full marketing center to provide the tools to increase lead generation while building your brand and your membership plans.
Yes, absolutely. Your customer and business data is always secure. Our top priority is keeping your data secure and protected. Our data center is certified for the highest level of security and all data is encrypted using the latest security technology.
No. You can cancel your service with 30 days notice, at any time.
Dental CreditPlans is a division of, a privately held corporation headquartered in Irvine, California. Our technology is based on more than 25 years of billing and payment software expertise with over $30 million invested in research and development. The technology platform is used across many industries with dental being a primary focus.