January 8,2016

Whose Brand are you Building?

Launching your own in-house membership program can make your practice stand out from competitors, by offering your patients regular access to affordable care. But why go through all the trouble of creating your own branded membership [...]

November 10,2015

Evolving your Practice in a Changing Industry Part 2

As we discussed in our last post, the dental industry is undergoing a lot of change, with corporate chains popping up all over the country, and bringing an unprecedented level of both competition and financial [...]

November 3,2015

Evolving Your Practice in a Changing Industry – Part 1

The influence of corporate dentistry has caused big shifts in the industry, and evidence suggests that growth of competition in the marketplace isn’t slowing down any time soon. A 2014 research brief from the American [...]

October 26,2015

Sharing What We’ve Learned – Introducing a New Blog Series

Today marks the first post in a series exploring trends in the dental industry, and how practices nationwide are using creative payment and financing solutions to empower growth. Our parent company,, has worked for [...]

August 23,2015

The Risk and Reward of Patient Financing

In-house financing software can be a powerful tool for turning leads into loyal patients, while generating an extra revenue stream along the way. By working with patients to finance procedures they otherwise couldn’t afford, your [...]

June 20,2014

Creating a Well-Rounded Financing Strategy

Dental practices and industry professionals need new tools and solutions that work together to attract and retain patients, grow revenue, especially predictable recurring revenue, and enable more patients with and without dental insurance the financial [...]

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