Let’s face it, it is competitive out there, and many Americans without dental insurance are looking for an affordable solution for their dental needs. How are you to compete and retain new patients? Have you thought about Membership Programs? Membership programs make it more affordable for patients without insurance to get regular check ups and cleanings, and by signing up for a yearly membership with monthly payments your building new patient retention.

In addition when done right a practice can chose to add optional services that add added revenue to the practice and convenience for the patient. These options can be advised and selected on a per patient basis, items such as: An additional cleaning, Perio cleaning and whitening systems are a few of the most common.

Membership plans are also being used successfully by practices targeting their inactive patient base, re-engaging them and getting them back to the office. The practice wins by enabling a patient to get regular care and by recognized recurring monthly revenue while building patient retention.

Often, patents without insurance wait until they are experiencing discomfort and the idea of how to pay for a dental appointment is even more troublesome. Savvy dentists are offering annual membership programs for preventive care, and if more treatment is needed during their first visit may provide a discount for the general care the patient is in need off. The idea is “Sign up for our annual membership plan and save 10% on the additional services you need right now.” These forward thinking practices are providing an incentive for potential patients to move forward with the care they need and with membership plans are getting a year commitment for preventive care along with a monthly payment to build retention. Before the patient leaves they can set up an appointment for their next cleaning, covered by their new membership plan. No insurance, no problem.